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  1. Double Brazing hearth - DS400D
    Double Brazing hearth - DS400D
    The Flamefast Double Brazing Hearth - DS400D is identical to the DS400S single...
  2. Heavy Duty Pillar Drill - B 24H
    Heavy Duty Pillar Drill - B 24H
    A heavy duty upright pillar drill with V-belt drive for smooth, precise...
  3. 3D Printer - ZAXE X3
    3D Printer - ZAXE X3
    Zaxe X3 provides an affordable industrial 3D printing experience on a smaller...
  4. Flamefast - CDEX40
    Flamefast - CDEX40
    The Flamefast Centralised Extraction System (CDEX40) has been specifically...
  5. TU3008G / TU3008V
    TU3008G / TU3008V
    Guide and traction spindle lathes with longitudinal and face feed. TU 3008G...
  6. AT350WL
    The AT350WL utilises the very reliable inverter technology usually found on...
  7. Large Vacuum Former - 725FL
    Large Vacuum Former - 725FL
    Developed for high performance, ease of use and low maintenance. The 725FLB...
  8. Professional Table Saw - AP305SB
    Professional Table Saw - AP305SB
    A saw bench is the foundation of a woodworking workshop and generally regarded...
  9. Morticer - Sedgwick Hollow 571
    Morticer - Sedgwick Hollow 571
    Designed over forty years ago, the Sedgwick 571 Morticer is probably the...
  10. Woodpecker Drill - WOO8161B & B-450
    Woodpecker Drill - WOO8161B & B-450
    The Flamefast Woodpecker Drills have been designed to meet strict performance...
  11. 4Bay SH1260 B4
    4Bay SH1260 B4
    Vertical Storage Racking consisting of fully welded, tubular steel upright...
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