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Training Equipment
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  1. SENSOTRAINER-200 - Sensor technology trainer
    SENSOTRAINER-200 - Sensor technology trainer
    The SENSOTRAINER-200 is the sensor technology trainer that allows the study of...
  2. MEC-200 - Mechanical Training System
    MEC-200 - Mechanical Training System
    The Mechanical Training system provides participants with hardware allowing...
  3. VAC-400 - Vacuum technology
    VAC-400 - Vacuum technology
    Given the increasing demand by companies for qualification in vacuum...
  4.  BEMATE-200 - Basic electricity mate
    BEMATE-200 - Basic electricity mate
    The BEMATE-200 provides hardware for hands-on activities and the study of DC,...
  5. PCT-200 - Programmable controller trainer
    PCT-200 - Programmable controller trainer
    This system is designed to provide a solution for hands-on activities in the...
  6. ICT-200 - Industrial control trainer
    ICT-200 - Industrial control trainer
    The Industrial Control Trainer provides students with a flexible system...
  7. ENS-200 - Energy saving trainer
    ENS-200 - Energy saving trainer
    Energy saving trainer. ENS-200 integrates a series of applications (vacuum,...
  8. PNEUMATE-200 - Your mate in Pneumatics
    PNEUMATE-200 - Your mate in Pneumatics
    This didactic equipment is comprised of a panel with pneumatic and/or...
  9. HYDROMODEL-200 - Transparent Hydraulics
    HYDROMODEL-200 - Transparent Hydraulics
    HYDROMODEL-200 meets the training needs of technology related to hydraulic...
  10. PNEUTRAINER-400 - Pneumatics
    PNEUTRAINER-400 - Pneumatics
    PNEUTRAINER-400 - is a fully modular and flexible system designed for the...
  11. HYDROTRAINER-200 - Electro/Hydraulics
    HYDROTRAINER-200 - Electro/Hydraulics
    Designed using top-quality industrial materials it has everything required in...
  12. FAS-200 SE with Industry 4.0 technologies
    FAS-200 SE with Industry 4.0 technologies
    Training equipment in mechatronics with Industry 4.0 technologies. Top Key...
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