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  1. Brazing Hearth Single - DS400S
    Brazing Hearth Single - DS400S
    The DS400S is supplied with an easy-to-use single valve controlled RF80 torch...
  2. Double Brazing hearth - DS400D
    Double Brazing hearth - DS400D
    The DS400D is identical to the DS400S single brazing hearth but with an...
  3. Ceramic Chip Forge - DS430A
    Ceramic Chip Forge - DS430A
    The Flamefast DS430A Ceramic Chip Forge complies with British gas Standards...
  4. Flamefast DS430S Chip forge & brazing hearth sinlte
    Chip Forge & Brazing Hearth - DS430S
    The DS430S complies with British Gas Standards and is a fully fail safe...
  5. Chip Forge & Double Brazing Hearth - DS430D
    Chip Forge & Double Brazing Hearth - DS430D
    When space is limited, the Flamefast Combined Ceramic Chip Forge and Double...
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