Swift-Cut 2500

Swift-Cut 2500

The mid size of our three machines, the Swift-cut 2500 is a great workshop cutting table solution. Continue reading


  • Model Swift-Cut 2500
  • Size (cm) 250 x 125 sheet size
  • Speeds 1 to 12 m/min

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Supreme build quality and unique operating software allows you to :

  • Cut all metals: stainless and mild steel, aluminium, copper, brass, zinc etc.
  • Cut thicknesses from 0.5mm to 25mm
  • Run at speeds from 1 to 12m / minute
  • Delivers excellent cut quality

Swift Cut Enclosure

As anyone who has cut with a plasma laser knows, when the arc fires up and the metal’s being cut, the brightness and the sparks can damage your eyes so safety is essential. To take safety a step beyond eyewear, we’ve created tinted perspex enclosures to prevent sparks from escaping and increase the safety of your workshop.

Smooth & Precise Cuts: Our DTHC (Digital Torch-Height Control) and DDC (Dynamic Cut Control) technology means we can deliver the very best in smooth and precise cutting available on the market today.

Easy Setup & Support: Each of our machines come with a pre-programmed PC, an easy-to-use CAD programme, software tutorials, a Hypertherm Powermax, and a comprehensive training session so you'll have everything you need to get cutting after install, and it doesn't matter whether it's the first time you call or the fiftieth, our team is happy to assist you and answer your questions to ensure you're getting the most out of your machine. Swift-Cut Safety: Worried about safety? Our water tables and down-draft machines mitigate sparks and eliminate harmful fumes, keeping your workspace clean and healthy, also Our Swift-Cut Enclosure controls sparks and can be tinted to minimise light damage and ensure safe cutting conditions. Ideal for Schools and universities.

*Picture is for reference only and may differ from the final product

Key Features

  • UK designed, engineered and built
  • Cutting area accommodates 2500 x 1250mm sheet size.
  • Gantry parking to allow full sheet to be loaded overhead.
  • Heavy duty steel construction with durable polyester powder coated finish.
  • New lighter alloy head for improved cut performance and easy maintenance.
  • Powerful 4.4 N/m hybrid stepper motors.
  • Rack and pinion drive system.
  • Smooth motion linear V wheels and duals drive on Y-axis.
  • Magnetic breakaway head.
  • Water table for efficient fume control (no external fume extraction required). (Optional)
  • Enclosure built in alloy and Perspex for additional safety requirements. (Optional)


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  • Windows operating system.
  • Solid Edge 2D CAD Programme.
  • SheetCAM; CADCAM programme.
  • Swift-Cut CNC control system software.
  • Digital Torch-Height Control (DTHC) for improved cut quality and improved torch consumable life.
  • Dynamic cut control enabling varied cut speed control from the console for improved cut quality.
  • Team Viewer for "anywhere" on-line support.
  • Libellula.CUT Wizard features manual and automatic nesting together with generic shape library for one stop plate generation. Options available for HVAC mod and storage mod for plate warehouse management. (Optional)
  • Swift-Trace draw / scan and cut video software. (Optional)
  • Ohmic Torch Sensing. (Optional)

Freestanding Operator's Console

  • Robust steel console housing a PC with 18.5" flat panel LCD monitor, dual core CPU Intel i3 processor, 500GB hard drive and 2 GB RAM.
  • DVD ROM, external USB and network port for file transfer
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • E-stop with key lock-out safety feature

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