Double Ended Polisher - Chamois

Double Ended Polisher - Chamois

FLA-Chamois Double Ended Polisher, designed for general polishing and finishing tasks in a D & T environment Continue reading


  • Model FLA-Chamois Double Ended Polisher
  • Size (cm) Mop Size: 20 dia x 2.5 W
  • Speeds 1500 rpm or 3000 rpm
  • Electrical Supply / Power 400/3/50 or 230/1/50
  • Motor from 0.7kw to 1.25kw

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The Flamefast CHAMOIS Double-Ended Polisher has been designed to meet strict performance and safety criteria and is, therefore ideal for use in schools and colleges. The Chamois complies with UK COSHH regulations, the European Machinery Directive and with the BS 4163:2007 “Health and Safety for Design and Technology in schools and similar establishments” regulations. All our education machines carry a 24-month warranty and are supplied with an operating manual.

*Images are for reference only and may differ from the final product






Dust Extractor YES NO NO
Push-Button Stop YES YES YES
Knee Stop Bar YES NO NO
Foot Stop NO YES NO
110v Control Circuit YES NO NO






3-Phase PL2001TE PL2003TE PL2001TP PL2003TP PL2001T PL2003T
1-Phase PL2001SE PL2003SE PL2001SP PL2003SP PL2001S PL2003S
Motor 3 ph = 1.25KW
1ph: 0.70kw
3 ph = 0.85KW
1ph: 0.70kw
3 ph = 1.25KW
1ph: 0.70kw
3 ph = 0.85KW
1ph: 0.70kw
3 ph = 1.25KW
1ph: 0.70kw
3 ph = 0.85KW
1ph: 0.70kw
Motor Speed 1500 rpm 3000 rpm 1500 rpm 3000 rpm 1500 rpm 3000 rpm
Electrical Supply 400V / 3ph / 50Hz or 230v / 1ph / 50Hz
Mop Size dia x width 200 mm x 25 mm
Spindle Dia 20 mm
Weight 93 kg 87 kg 64 kg 59 kg 40 kg 35 kg

Key Features

  • Bench, pedestal or dust extraction mounted
  • Taper adaptors for use with polishing mops, finishing wheels or wire brushes
  • 1500 or 3000rpm versions
  • Heavy duty adjustable polycarbonate eye shields
  • Excellent work piece access
  • Supplied with two 200 x 25mm mops – one loose leaf and one stitched calico

Safety Features

  • No-volt overload push-button starter
  • Motor thermal overload protection
  • 110 volt control circuit (extraction versions only)
  • Large adjustable mop guards with safe edging and 3” (approx. 76mm) spigots
  • Protective sleeves on taper nose on both sides of the mop
  • Foot stop (pedestal versions only)

Dust Extraction Model Features

  • 0.55kw motor
  • Tray collector for easier and cleaner waste handling
  • Indicator light which lights up when the filter requires servicing
  • Fire retardant terylene needlefelt dustbag
  • Remote knee stop bar


View FileDouble Ended Polisher - Chamois PL series



Optional Refinements

  • Flexible halogen floodlight with transformer*
  • Lockable triple pole isolator*
  • Parallel adaptors
  • Lockable “E” stop*

* Please note that these items are factory fitted at the point of manufacture

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