Toolgrinder - Bear

Toolgrinder - Bear

FLA-Bear Toolgrinder. A unique pedestal mounted toolgrinder designed to assist the technician servicing the school D&T workshop. Continue reading


  • Model FLA-Bear Toolgrinder
  • Electrical Supply / Power 400/3/50 or 230/1/50
  • Motor 0.18kw or 0.25kw
  • Wheel Size 406mm diameter x 32mm wide

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The Flamefast BEAR Toolgrinder is a unique machine designed specifically to assist the technician servicing the school or college workshop. The Bear saves time for the technician and eliminates manual grinding variability. It complies with the European Machinery Directive and with the BS 4163:2007 “Health and Safety for Design and Technology in schools and similar establishments” regulations. All our education machines carry a 24-month warranty and are supplied with an operating manual.

*Images are for reference only and may differ from the final product



Bear 1 & Bear 2

Bear 1S & Bear 2S

Motor 0.18kw 0.37kw
Electrical Supply 400V / 3ph / 50Hz 230V / 1ph / 50Hz
Grinding Wheel Size
dia x width
406 x 32mm
Wheel Type Aluminium Oxide A80
Cone Wheel Size
dia x length
75 x 100mm
Weight Bear 1 = 105kg, Bear 2 = 115kg

Key Features

  • Produces an accurate angle on the tool, which can be pre-set and repeated for a full batch of tools
  • Controlled 140rpm wheel speed
  • Force-fed recirculatory coolant system with anti-spill tray
  • Integral oil reservoir with filter (5 litres of oil is supplied)
  • Tool holder for chisels and plane blades up to 60mm wide
  • Radius gouge tool holder (BEAR2 only)
  • 1500rpm cone wheel with work rest and splash guard (BEAR2 only)
  • Centre swivel arm with Vernier adjustment to ensure square and even contact between the tool and the wheel
  • Base cabinet with lockable access door
  • Supplied with 406mm diameter x 32mm wide grinding wheel

Safety Features

  • No-volt overload push-button starter
  • Automatic safety cut-out when the front door is opened




Optional Refinements

  • Flexible halogen floodlight with transformer*
  • Lockable triple pole isolator*
  • Grinding wheel dresser arm with dresser block
  • Wheel dresser block
  • Mortice chisel sharpening attachment
  • Foot stop*

* Please note that these items are factory fitted at the point of manufacture

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