General Purpose Torch - 3070


The 3070 operates with 1VM, 2VM and 3VM nozzles giving flame lengths from 50mm to 600mm. A 240mm burner tube extension is also available. 

Separate thimble wheels control both gas and air on the 3070 torch. A range of interchangeable nozzles are available.

When used with a 2VM or 3VM nozzle, the burner tube is ideal for melting precious metal. For this operation the air pressure should be at least 15lb. Per sq inch. For the largest output with a 3VM nozzle, air pressure should be up to 25psi.

Ideal for plumbers, foundry die heaters, silversmiths, jewellers, car and motorcycle manufacturers, car radiator repairers and manufacturers. 

The 3070 is supplied with a 2VM nozzle as standard which gives a 30mm flame length.

Key Features

  • 2VM Nozzle 300mm flame length
  • Parking Hook
  • Plastic hand grip
  • Flexible Hoses, Red - Gas, Blue - Air
  • Wide range of flame length and spread
  • Up to 130,000 BTU per hour output


Technical Specifications


Forging Performance

Gas TypeRateBTU / HRSPressure 
Natural gas3.5 m3/h130,00020 mbar 
Propane2.7 kg/h130,00035 mbar 
Butane2.76 kg/h130,00028 mbar 


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